Written by David Ferber

      Legend has it that once, at the vibrational nexus where bass met treble between two clubs in the foggy London underground, a consciousness coalesced that could not speak the words of man.  Tortured by its inability to communicate with the world, this pitiable creature wandered the back alleys of the music scene until it stumbled into a DJ booth and laid its trembling hands across a laptop and a mixer.  That night, it  found it could not merely speak, but rock the world via the immortal language of slick beats and smooth rhythms.   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, seduced by the sublime call of that booty shakin’ bass and the joy of the ethereal grooves, knighted him on the spot, dubbing him with a name that would carry across the globe – DJ Sir Charles.


      With the power of purpose behind him, he spun the finest vinyl for politicos, proud parents, brides and their grooms, the bar crowd, bad crowds, students and socialites.  Now, weary of the glitz and glamour of a half-decade as an international party sensation, the legendary Sir Charles has settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba as an independent DJ.  His supernatural skills sharply honed to a keen musical edge through years of mixing with the masters in the sweatiest clubs, his education in genres as wide as the Mississippi’s mouth, he remains at the height of his craft, and his skills are at your disposal.   

No stadium too big,

no backyard too small. 

Free consultation, free quotes,

pleasant, polite and professional..